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Back in the old days, Khun Waraporn, the founder of Waraporn Salapao, would see her kids lining up for salapao (steamed buns) every afternoon after school. Thinking she could also make salapao herself, she came up with her homemade salapao recipe that was delicious with the quality she could trust. Then it became a small home enterprise when she started selling salapao in front of her house. With the quality of fillings which ingredients have been carefully selected and the tastiness of the salapao, Waraporn Salapao started to become a favorite salapao shop for locals. From a small shop in Nang Lerng neighborhood, it has expanded to many shops in Bangkok and some other provinces. Waraporn Salapao is a symbol of salapao with soft dough, flavorful filling, scrumptious smell, and variety of fillings with no preservatives. Despite the growing number of branches, Waraporn Salapao is still the same mom-made salapao that is able to maintain the status as "quality salapao" made with heart just like when Khun Waraporn made them for her family. Apart from salapao, Waraporn Salapao yet offers various tasty dishes and drinks including 20 kinds of dim sum, sticky rice dumpling, steamed and toasted mantou, as well as rice dishes with BBO pork, stewed pork leg, roasted chicken, green chicken curry, and bak kut teh. Signature drinks such as Iced Monk Fruit Tea with Grass Jelly and Iced Honey Lemon are also favorite menus of many customers.




Using high quality ingredients with no preservatives


Attentive to every cooking process, like mom's cooking for her kids


Satisfying filling with soft dough, mouthful of tastiness


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